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The Flu: Questions and Answers

Feb 14, 2018  |   Comments Off on The Flu: Questions and Answers

by Dr. Maura Henninger

Many of you have asked me about the current season of the flu. I always encourage you to get educated so you can make smart, informed decisions about your health. But confusion and misinformation about the flu abounds.

What exactly is the flu, how long does it last and how is it spread?

What is the flu vaccine and does it work? Should I get vaccinated and should I vaccinate my kids?

What can I do to help myself stay healthy right now?

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Nov 18, 2014  |   Comments Off on Fall 2014 Newsletter

In this fall’s newsletter, we’re talking about all things pregnancy and fertility. Meet one of my favorite fertility acupuncturists! News includes the connection between birth control and MS and antidepressant risk and pregnancy. And get yourself in shape so you stay flu-free this winter. Find out my favorite food for fighting candida and gut overgrowth.