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December 2015 Newsletter

Dec 16, 2015  |   Comments Off on December 2015 Newsletter

In this month’s update, Dr. Maura talks women’s health on the Z Living network, blogs for the Huffington Post blog on safe herbs for pregnancy, and gives you a look at her favorite meal delivery service.

Herbal Medicine for the Top Three Pregnancy Woes

Oct 18, 2015  |   Comments Off on Herbal Medicine for the Top Three Pregnancy Woes

PregnancyIllustrationI love treating pregnant moms: it’s a time of great amazement, when we watch what the human body is capable of. Moms-to-be sometimes feel great and sometimes don’t. Some support for uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy need support, to be sure. In this article, I talk about herbal remedies for some of the top pregnancy complaints: morning sickness, insomnia and prolonged labor.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Nov 18, 2014  |   Comments Off on Fall 2014 Newsletter

In this fall’s newsletter, we’re talking about all things pregnancy and fertility. Meet one of my favorite fertility acupuncturists! News includes the connection between birth control and MS and antidepressant risk and pregnancy. And get yourself in shape so you stay flu-free this winter. Find out my favorite food for fighting candida and gut overgrowth.