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“My skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!”

Dec 21, 2014  |   Comments Off on “My skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!”

“My skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!! I feel great. Thanks so much!” —S.T.

“My acne has entirely cleared up, and I’m not breaking out anymore!”

Dec 05, 2014  |   Comments Off on “My acne has entirely cleared up, and I’m not breaking out anymore!”

“I am really pleased at how much my skin has improved and felt even better about it when I saw my dermatologist who was really impressed with how much my acne was gone! She said, “Wow, your skin looks great, and it’s entirely cleared up!  What happened?”  I explained that I had been seeing you, and it had been treated via natural methods – diet, vitamins/supplements, homeopathic remedies.  Thank you for your help, and I will definitely be in touch should any other issues arise!” —D.R.

Interview: DNAInfo Magazine (Flu Fighters)

Nov 18, 2014  |   Comments Off on Interview: DNAInfo Magazine (Flu Fighters)

In this article I talk about natural immune boosters that can help you avoid colds and flu.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Nov 18, 2014  |   Comments Off on Fall 2014 Newsletter

In this fall’s newsletter, we’re talking about all things pregnancy and fertility. Meet one of my favorite fertility acupuncturists! News includes the connection between birth control and MS and antidepressant risk and pregnancy. And get yourself in shape so you stay flu-free this winter. Find out my favorite food for fighting candida and gut overgrowth.

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Oct 09, 2014  |   Comments Off on Summer 2014 Newsletter

Check out my suggestions in this summer’s letter on everything you need to get through the summer healthy and happy, as well as breaking news on detoxing, stress and autism. More must-reads: my recent blog on curing eczema. More must-reads: my blog post on how to cure eczema and a blurb on my favorite natural sunscreen of all time (it’s made in Brooklyn!).