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Leaky Gut: The Basics

May 04, 2016  |   0 Comments

In my practice, I treat a wide variety of conditions including thyroid disease, autoimmune illness, rheumatoid arthritis, food sensitivities, eczema and metabolic issues. What do they all have in common? Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut. Research around leaky gut has existed for decades but it’s an often-overlooked cause of chronic imbalance in the body. In this next video in my gut health series, I explain: exactly what leaky gut is, what symptoms to look out for and how we go about testing for it.

Getting Started with Gut Health

Feb 29, 2016  |   0 Comments

First in my series about gut health: what exactly do I mean when I talk about digestive wellness? How does it get off balance? How do we fix it?

Four Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

Feb 02, 2016  |   0 Comments

Dr. Maura’s tips for naturally supporting the immune system.