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Offices of Dr. Maura Henninger – Naturopathic Doctor – NYC and CT

Dr. Maura accepts patients in several locations:

Office of Dr. Maura Henninger
1133 Broadway, Suite 1023 New York, NY 10010
T: (646) 876-9986  |  F: (917) 675-6956

Office of Dr. Maura Henninger
5 Sylvan Road South, Westport, CT 06880
T: (888) 745-3372

Dr. Maura practices Naturopathic Medicine in Fairfield County at The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health. The Center is comprehensive wellness clinic dedicated to the concept that ultimate health is a delicate interplay between the mental, emotional and physical. A team of therapists work with individuals and families to address mental and emotional well-being; Dr. Maura adds the vital key of supporting the physical body. Within the Center, too, Dr. Maura has her own practice where she treats the entire family for a wide range of health concerns.

To schedule your visit for a Naturopathic Doctor in NYC, please call Dr. Maura at (646) 876-9986 or email her using the contact form below. See our Email Policy.