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Hormone Balance

What woman, these days, doesn’t experience some degree of imbalance when it comes to her hormones? Women need hormonal balance to feel good; hormones affect everything: weight and appetite, sex drive, focus, sleep, energy, digestion, mood, hair/skin/nails, ability to reproduce, and more. We live in an age when the delicate balance of a woman’s system is under pressure from stress, environmental toxins, medications that throw the body off, a less than ideal diet; it’s easy to get off track.

Dr. Maura has a particular passion for helping women get back to their body’s natural hormonal equilibrium. She really listens to her patients, tracking every symptom and bit of medical history. Diagnostics include in-depth, state-of-the-art testing for all hormones: sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones.

Once she identifies the root cause of the problem, Dr. Maura utilizes a very personalized approach to rebalance the body’s natural hormonal functions with herbal medicine, detoxification, homeopathy and diet that’s right for you.

Conditions related to hormone balance that Dr. Maura specializes in:

· Endometriosis

· Fatigue/chronic fatigue

· Fibroids

· Insomnia

· Irregular cycles

· Irregular cycle after stopping birth control

· Thyroid imbalance

· Low libido

· Menopause and perimenopause

· Mood disorders

· Painful period


· Weight gain/difficulty losing weight