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Dr. Maura has a special focus on natural approaches to enhancing fertility. She has extensive experience at both identifying and treating the underlying causes for infertility.

As a naturopath, Dr. Maura’s approach is multifold. First, she spends a great deal of time listening to your case and can pinpoint underlying issues that might obstruct fertility that have previously gone undetected. Second, she utilizes laboratory testing to determine any principal cause that might be undermining the process of getting pregnant including but not limited to detoxification assessment, vitamin/mineral/nutrient profiles, hormonal testing, adrenal testing, and food sensitivities.

She then uses nutraceuticals such as vitamins/minerals/antioxidants, botanical medicine, and evidence-based nutrition to do the following:

· Enhance IVF treatment

· Improve egg quality

· Regulate a short cycle

· Improve chances of implantation

· Prevent miscarriage

· Reduce stress and inflammation

Dr. Maura’s infertility programs are extremely personalized; she follows her patients closely through the entire fertility process, answering questions and providing support. She will work closely with your other doctors and has a network of acupuncturists and other supportive practitioners to help with the journey.