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Heal Your Thyroid with Herbal Medicine

May 04, 2016  |   0 Comments

I continue to blog about herbal medicine over at The Huffington Post because I’m passionate about healing people with gentle, non-toxic and natural plants, given to us by the earth. Herbs really do have incredibly healing properties, no more so than when it comes to thyroid, and specifically autoimmune thyroid disease. Read on for my top picks for herbal medicine to treat autoimmune disease of the thyroid, otherwise known as Hashimoto’s disease.

Male thyroid anatomy

Male thyroid anatomy

Dr. Maura’s YouTube Channel Launch

Feb 18, 2016  |   0 Comments

Read all about the launch of Dr. Maura’s YouTube channel and become a subscriber! We need more people in the know about natural medicine that actually cures illness instead of band-aiding symptoms. I’m starting this YouTube channel to get the word out. In these short videos, I’ll talk about how naturopathic medicine works for various issues, the latest research and topics in holistic health and share some insights into my own health.

“My little daughter’s eczema has improved so much…”

Feb 12, 2016  |   0 Comments

“Ava’s skin has improved so much. I thank you so much because with your visit I was able to find reason rather then just cover her eczema with a bunch of creams.” —Y.G.